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5 tips for losing weight quickly: how a protein diet can help you with this

Proteins or proteins are the most important nutrients for weight loss and a more beautiful looking body. After all, a higher intake of proteins promotes the so-called metabolic process, it significantly reduces appetite and changes various hormones that are responsible for balancing weight. Protein can help you lose weight, melt away excess belly fat and aim for a slimmer waistline. In this blog '5 tips for losing weight quickly: how a protein diet helps you with this' you will discover how proteins make you lose weight. You can also facilitate this with protein shakes, for example. The result is going to be amazing. Slimming fast is a dream come true if you follow the 5 tips below.

How do proteins actually work?

Your weight accounting is completely controlled by your brain and more specifically by an area called the hypothalamus. They determine exactly what and how much we eat and filter different types of information. One of those most important cues to the brain is specific hormones that change when they respond to food. For example, by replacing fat and carbohydrates with proteins, the hunger hormone is strongly reduced and reduced. On the other hand, various satiating hormones are simultaneously stimulated. This combination of factors drastically reduces the feeling of hunger. By the way, this is the main reason why proteins or proteins support you to lose weight. It ensures that you have less need to take in calories.

Proteins burn calories: the thermal effect

Without going into the medical field, some data as a benchmark. After you eat, certain amounts of calories are used to digest and metabolize the food you eat. This is also called the thermal effect of the power supply. Well, it has been scientifically proven that protein gives a higher thermal result (20 to 30 percent) compared to fats (0 to 3 percent) and carbohydrates (5 to 10 percent). Loosely translated, this means in concrete terms: when you have a thermal effect for proteins of 25 percent, a simple calculation shows that for the 100 calories consumed, only 75 usable calories are ultimately consumed.

What is the protein diet and does it help you lose weight?

Everyone who is overweight wants to lose weight quickly. One wants to shed pounds around the buttocks (often women) or belly fat (usually men). The angle is that everyone who wants to lose weight has the same goal: lose weight, stay slim and look very well-defined. The newest form of slimming is the protein diet. It is the most recent weight loss method. The protein diet differs from other diets because you replace carbohydrates in the diet (bread, rice, sugars in potatoes or fruit) with the necessary proteins, foods that contain proteins and protein shakes. Below you can read what and how a protein diet works. And which 5 steps you should take to stimulate rapid weight loss.

Step 1: Protein shakes and how it works

The big advantage and good news is that our body will burn fat anyway. For example, it burns fat around the belly so that someone loses weight around the so-called beer belly in men, so that we will eventually get a 'washboard' that you have been dreaming of for years. To make a long story short. Burning the excess fat is all a protein diet is all about. Proteins are one of the most important building blocks for a body. It is the foundation for building bones, muscles, skin and other necessary body tissues. The protein shakes available on the market are very safe for people who are fit and healthy. According to various scientific studies, protein shakes are the most perfect way to get the necessary protein. In consultation with the dietitian or doctor you draw up a specific plan that consists of 4 phases, depending on your personal wishes and needs.

Step 2 - The start-up phase: the tight protein diet

In this first period of the protein diet you will lose kilos very quickly and very quickly. In general, the first phase of the protein diet consists of the following points of interest:

  • In the start-up phase, attention is mainly paid to protein meals. These are often supplemented
  • This is supplemented with a healthy portion of fiber such as vegetables. Endive and broccoli are excellent additions
  • Carbohydrates are absolutely not allowed
  • 2 liters of water per day is recommended to promote excellent waste disposal
  • With the start-up phase you will achieve more than half of your objective
  • During this period you will discover the first footsteps of a balanced and healthy lifestyle

Step 3 - The combined phase: proteins combined with the regular food

In this combination phase you alternate protein meals with a normal diet that you are used to from the past. You can decide for yourself how to fill this in. An ordinary normal meal contains vegetarian ingredients, fish or meat. Depending on your own preference. You decide in this phase which dish you prefer. You determine the duration yourself. For example, you can provide a protein diet on the weekend and eat regular meals during the working days. In this second period, the goal is to achieve 25 percent of your intended goal. In fact, the goal is to achieve the weight you are aiming for at this stage. This period can last for weeks and / or months. Of course it also depends on how many kilos you have to lose.

Step 4 - The so-called transition phase: important for the end result

During this phase you are allowed to systematically re-digest sugars and the necessary carbohydrates. At the end of the transition phase ride, you are only 5 percent away from your big end goal. It is difficult to say how long this transition phase will last. Normally this takes about 4 weeks and it is considered that you will start to apply the new lifestyle. Basically, after this phase period, you know how many carbohydrates you can take without gaining weight.

Step 5 - The perpetuating phase: only snacks that are rich in protein

During the closing phase of the protein diet, you gradually switch to a completely normal diet. It comes down to learning a new diet and habits in which the amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates remain under control. Keep a close eye on possible excesses and improve when necessary. By the end of this phase you have basically reached your goal of losing weight completely. If things do go in the wrong direction, switch immediately to phase 1. Scientific research has shown that it takes up to 2 years for your physique to recover from the new body weight.

General conclusion: prevent a yo-yo effect

The moral of the story. Keep a close eye on your weight. Suppose you still cross the line for a few days, not one man is overboard yet. The consequences of this have hardly any effect. If you repeat this 7 days in a row, you will of course see the necessary negative effect of your excessive behavior again. A good advice? Continue to consult the scale permanently. And make sure you get enough exercise. That may sound like a hackneyed chorus, but it's going to help you keep your goal weight after all these efforts. After all, it increases your muscle mass and increases energy expenditure. This has the effect of reducing weight gain.