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How much protein do you need per day?

Today we will be talking a little bit about protein and how much you need of it on a daily basis. This is a popular question asked by people who are just starting their fitness journey or health journey. But protein intake isn't only important for athletes, it's important for everybody! 

Experts say that the best way to calculate your desired daily protein intake is to multiply your body weight with 0,8.

So for instance if you weigh 65kg, you would need 52 grams of protein per day.

Taking into account that this is the minimum you should be getting per day, just to be healthy. If you are working on muscle gain, muscle definition or trying to loose some excessive weight with a high protein diet, you could use another method, which is: subtract your fat percentage off of your body weight.

So for instance if you weigh 65kg, and you have a body fat percentage of 20%, you would do:

65 - 13 = 52 

Then multiply this number by 2.2

52 X 2.2 = 114,4

Note: Daily protein is different for everybody, depending on weight, height, BMI, activity level, health condition etc ... if you really want a good view on this, consult your doctor.

Protein for weight loss

Protein is so so so important when it comes to weight management or weight loss. Everybody know when trying to lose weight, there is 1 golden rule:

Your calorie intake should be lower than the calories you are burning every day. This is what they call a "calorie deficit", this is the only way to lose actual weight.

Protein can actually help a lot in this process. When you eat, your body needs to break down the food, and in order to break down food your body uses energy. When trying to break down protein, your body needs MORE energy than it needs with carbs or and fat. So it will burn more calories.

Also, protein gives you a feeling of fullness, so you won't be hungry for longer!

Protein for muscle and power

Your muscles and the tissue in your body need protein as the most important building block. If you want to gain muscle you should make sure you have a positive protein balance in your body (and do weight lifting or another form of weighted exercise.)

If you want to lose weight, but not lose too much muscle in the process you also need to make sure you're getting in enough protein. (And cut the intake of carbs, sugar, ...).


If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, it can sometimes be more difficult to reach your daily protein intake, and that's where we pop in!! Our shakes our SO easy to use: just mix them with water or plantbased milk, shake and serve!

Every serving contains 15g of protein, and you can have up to 2 protein shakes a day.

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