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About us


Being a sports and fitness enthusiast herself, Esther found it terribly difficult to find a range of vegan supplements to support her health journey, and when standards were met - it often tasted awful.

Also, it seemed like every protein out there made her belly bloat, and leave her feeling tired and poofy. And isn't that exactly what we're trying to avoid?

The idea rose to create a product that isn’t only good for you - but actually tastes GOOD and feels GOOD for your body.
Battling digestive problems, Esther came up with the idea to add MORE to the protein powders than only a protein and a flavor. She needed a protein powder with added digestive enzymes and fibre
The idea for Your healthy fix was created!


After working together with dietitians and experts in the field, Esther was able to create an amazing tasting protein powder, that ticks all the boxes: Vegan, lactose and soy free, added digestive enzymes and vitamins and minerals. The best part is - the ingredients are so clear and transparent - giving you and alternative to so many unhealthy products out there.
Your healthy fix is a women run business, with a clear understanding of what health enthusiasts want and need, catering to your fitness goals and lifestyle needs. Keeping your body and how you want to FEEL in the back of our minds - all the time.
At Your healthy fix we promise to only use the best products out there, putting your health as our priority. Being 100% transparent about our ingredients and only using vegan components, so you can thrive in your health and fitness journey!
Are you with us?