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About us


"Let's shake up the protein scene"

After running her healthy foodbar "DIVERS" for 3 years, Esther Andries found it was time to start her own plant based supplement brand. With a determination to create the best plant based protein out there, with zero nasties added to it, and 100% all clean and healthy ingredients.

After struggling herself with most of the protein powders out there, that left her feeling bloated and tired, it was time to take ACTION and get out there herself. Et voilà, in 2019 she launched "Your healthy fix". A brand which you can rely on, to fuel your body only with the best!


" Premium plantbased protein" 
I’m actually just powder in a bag, that’s it. Trendy label and all. 100% plantbased foods and protein, with digestive enzymes and powerfoods added to them. 
So unlike probably all the other stuff out there, we’re plantbased, pure, cruelty free and all those hipster fancy terms that come with it.
Very transparent. Very real. Very … healthy. 
Because our products are all natural and don't contain any fillers, artificial flavors or MPC, they work as an additive to your daily diet.
Scoop 40g of protein powder into your liquid of choice (almond milk, coconut milk, water, ...) and shake, then serve!
You can also use our protein as an additive in:
- Yoghurt
- Oatmeal
- Smoothies
- Smoothie bowls
- Banana pancakes
- Wellness lattes
- Raw bliss balls 
- ...
Any new ideas on how to use our products? Tag us in your pictures with @your.healthyfix and we would love to see it!
Our belief: A healthy lifestyle starts with good nutrition, exercise and enough sleep. But then life happens, and your plan probably goes to sh*t. And that's where we pop-in with our plantbased protein, to support you and make life a lil' easier.