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Article: 4 Ways to Reduce Everyday Toxins

4 Ways to Reduce Everyday Toxins

4 Ways to Reduce Everyday Toxins

Toxic chemicals are all around us. From the polluted air we breathe outside to the chemicals we use in our houses. The problem is even worse for women who apply harsh chemicals in the name of makeup. Most of these beauty products have harmful compounds that can have a detrimental impact on your skin and overall health. For instance, some shampoo products can introduce free radicals in the scalp and the rest of the body. This can escalate oxidative damage leading to issues such as inflammation and cancer.

Some of the foods we eat are also exposed to harmful chemicals like pesticides. This is why thorough cleaning of groceries is essentials. But even then, you still won't be able to avoid toxic chemicals completely.

That said, there are several ways to reduce your exposure to chemicals. While these methods are not 100% foolproof, they do make a significant difference which should be just enough to not overburden your body’s natural detoxification system.


  1. Go Organic

Organic foods are exposed to less or no chemically formulated pesticides, fertilizers, growth stimulants, etc. They go through a natural growing process, so they have few to no toxins at all. These are the kind of foods you should be eating.

I'm not going to lie to you, though; organic foods can be quite expensive. Rightly so. However, when you put them on the scale, it becomes clear that the extra cash you spend is totally worth it. And not just for you, but also for the environment.

A few tricks can help you minimize your expenditure on organic foods. My favorite is stocking up the foods I love when they're in season. The prices are usually the lowest at this point. If you don't have the budget to go 100% organic, prioritize the foods you eat most often.

  1. Avoid Plastics

Avoid all plastics as much as possible. Plastic has dioxins that can sneak into your food or drinks. This actually happens a lot if you have the bad habit of microwaving food in plastic containers. Studies show that chemicals like styrene and phthalate can get into our systems through food.

Some plastic bottles also contain a harmful chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). In fact, the National Toxicology Report explained that BPA has concerning effects on the brain and behavior of children, infants, and fetuses. The craziest part? BPA is present in most baby bottles!

The smart decision is to switch to glass. Glass has fewer safety concerns and is friendlier to the environment. Plus, cleaning glass is much easier.

  1. Read the Label

Make it a habit to read the label of all the products you intend to consume or use on your body. This ranges from food additives to personal care products.

For the food additives, try as much as possible to avoid artificial flavors, sugars, colors, preservatives, and fake fats. Fresh foods are also much healthier than frozen items. Just switch to organic foods if scrutinizing labels feels like too much work.

Pay attention to the chemicals included in personal care items, shampoo, and cosmetics. There is really no point in exposing your skin to dangerous chemicals when we have better and safer alternatives. It doesn’t matter how popular a product is; if it has a harmful chemical, try your best to avoid it. That may sound like a lot to ask, but don't you think your health and wellbeing are a priority?

A few of the notorious chemicals to look out for in personal care products are paraben, phthalate, and retinyl palmitate.

  1. Switch to Natural Cleaning Products

Most cleaning products marketed as "powerful" contain toxic chemicals that are especially harmful to children. Some of them are even labeled "Poison," which is enough to send red flags.

Ideally, you want to avoid all cleaning products as much as possible. However, our homes have to be kept clean, so we encourage you to use “green certified” cleaners. These are cleaners formulated without ammonia and chlorine. They use safer but effective natural compounds.

Alternatively, you can make the cleaners yourself. And it’s actually much easier than it sounds. In fact, you probably already have all the items you need to brew a cleaner. Items like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and hydrogen peroxide are very effective for scrubbing tiles, removing stains, and doing other household cleaning chores.

  1. Support the Body’s Detoxification System

You can avoid harmful chemicals with different strategies, but you'll never be able to shield yourself 100%. At some point, some toxins will find their way into your body. The good news is our bodies have a system that cleanses and flushes out most of these toxins. This is done by the liver and kidneys.

It’s important to support the body’s efforts to flush these toxins. One of the best ways of doing so is by enriching your diet with the right foods. Foods that improve the performance of the liver as well as the ability of the kidneys and colon to push the toxins out.

Improve your diet with some powerful detox foods like avocados, apples, flaxseeds, spinach, kiwi, grapefruit, blueberries, beets, etc. Antioxidant-rich foods are highly recommended.

And don’t underestimate the importance of water. Hydration is crucial for the movement of waste.

You can also get rid of toxins using green teas. The green teas provide antioxidant protection and support the flushing of harmful toxins from the body. They also deliver additional benefits that boost your overall health. Our range of green teas have all the ingredients to support your health and detox journey. Find them here.

Support Your Body's Natural Detox with "HAPPY LIVER" and "Level UP"

In the quest to minimize exposure to toxins and enhance overall well-being, adopting a mindful lifestyle is crucial. However, even with the best efforts, some toxins may find their way into the body. The body's natural detoxification system, primarily orchestrated by the liver and kidneys, plays a vital role in eliminating these harmful substances.

This is where our food supplement, HAPPY LIVER, becomes an invaluable ally. Formulated with a unique blend of pure ingredients, including Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Goldenrod, Chlorophyll and more. HAPPY LIVER is designed to support your liver in efficiently disposing of waste products. By incorporating this magic drops into your daily routine, you provide your body with the essential tools it needs for effective detoxification.

Additionally, consider complementing your detox journey with LEVEL UP, a potent antioxidant blend of pure Shiitake and Reishi extracts. These powerful antioxidants contribute to overall health by providing adaptogenic responses and supporting your body's resilience to stress. By incorporating Level UP into your routine, you not only enhance your body's defense against oxidative stress but also fortify its natural ability to adapt to various challenges.

In conclusion, while adopting lifestyle changes can significantly reduce exposure to toxins, incorporating HAPPY LIVER and Level UP adds an extra layer of support to your body's natural detoxification processes. Embrace these supplements as partners in your journey towards a healthier, toxin-free lifestyle.

Your body will thank you for it.

Everyday toxins can also be reduced in the following ways:

  • Use essential oils
  • Leave the shoes outside.
  • Filter your tap water
  • Allow fresh air circulation in your house.
  • Add some plants to your house.
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Have your home tested for toxins by professionals
  • Drink green tea on a daily basis, get yours here.
  • Get your PURE health supplements HAPPY LIVER  & LEVEL UP , without fillers, without nasties. Only the best is enough for you!


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