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Article: Protein makes you bulky ... I think?

Protein makes you bulky ... I think?

Protein makes you bulky ... I think?

Nothing could be more untrue than this statement. Although we get this question asked SO much and really notice a lot of you are concerned about this topic and therefor maybe hesitant to buy your first bag of YHF Pure Protein.

It is safe to say that protein is NOT your enemy, protein is your friend and even your best friend when leading an active healthy lifestyle that includes some workouts/training/sport. Our body needs protein to work efficiently and we promise you, YHF Pure Protein will NOT make you fat.

So then, what is it actually?

Protein is one of the 3 macro nutrients (alongside with fat and carbohydrates) that our body really needs to fuel our activities throughout the day and generally function. It is also found in foods like eggs, chicken, vegetables, nuts & seeds  .... but with the increasing amount of vegans and vegetarians, more and more people, like me, are looking to supplement with extra protein - often through a protein powder or blend.


Why do I need protein after a workout?

When going into fitness, a lot of the preconceptions of protein powder and how it is going to ‘bulk you up’ means that you are missing out on vital nutrition after long and hard training sessions. But actually incorporating protein powder into your diet encourages your body to promote weight loss, stay lean, and recover quicker.

Your body is ASKING you foor food after a hard workout and a protein shake will send the right nutrients right to your muscle tissue.

But ... I'm afraid I will gain weight?

There is NO way that protein alone will make you gain weight! If you are gaining weight, it is because you are at a caloric surplus. This means you are consuming more calories than your body needs/burns every day, or there is something wrong elsewhere, like a slow-working thyroid or hormonal imbalance.

It really is as simple as that! Look at a protein shake as a friendly healthy partner in crime. BUT make sure you are picking the right protein blend, as there is a lot if crap out there, unfortunately. You can trust us as being the healthiest version of a protein shake there is, with the added vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes.


For further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

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