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Article: Vanilla matcha protein benefits and recipe

Vanilla matcha protein benefits and recipe

Vanilla matcha protein benefits and recipe

Our Vanilla protein blend.

The most wanted flavor of all times and we decided to kick it up a notch and add some real matcha to the blend.

Vanilla protein is probably the most popular flavor out there, so we couldn't stand being the next in line and wanted to add a little something to the blend.


Why be regular when you can be EXTRA?


What are the benefits of Matcha? We'll explain them to you!

Over the past year matcha has become VERY popular, for various reasons. Matcha is a part of the green tea family, but it's a unique member. Unlike green tea (where you combine the leaves and water to make your tea), matcha is made out of the green tea leaves and has a MUCH higher concentration of green tea leaves, which means MORE benefits.

The key benefits of Matcha:

  • It's LOADED with antioxidants
  • You'll get more energy than you would out of any other tea
  • You won't feel shaky like you would from coffee
  • It can make you significantly more productive
  • It may help promote better cholesterol levels
  • It can strengthen your bones


The key benefits of our Vanilla matcha protein blend

  • Our Vanilla matcha protein is 100% natural and vegan

  • We added extra 10 digestive enzymes to the blend so you can digest the protein better and don't feel bloated

  • Matcha helps you feel energetic and alert

  • Enriched with fibers and superfoods

  • Low in sugar

  • No hidden nasties 


We're happy to share our favorite vanilla protein smoothie recipe with you.

Perfect as a quick breakfast  or as  a  post workout snack!


Vanilla-Matcha protein recipe


1 serving (1 big scoop) YHF Pure Protein Vanilla-Matcha
300 ml unsweetened coconut milk
2 handfuls washed spinach
1 big handful frozen mango
1/2 cup ice blocks



    Mix all the ingredients together in your blender and mix up very well.
    If needed, you can add more coconut milk to make your smoothie more liquid.
    Serve cold in a glass. Enjoooooy!



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