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Article: Pinky oat smoothie

Strawberry oat protein smoothie recipe on
protein smoothie

Pinky oat smoothie

Looking for a nourishing breakfast while on the move? Our little girls absolutely love these tasty Pinky smoothie!


Let's sip, smile and conquer the day together!

Here's the recipe 



1 big scoop YHF Pure Protein Vanilla-Matcha
350 ml unsweetened almond milk
2 tbsp oats
1 frozen banana
1/4 avocado
5-8 strawberries

Mix all the ingredients together in your blender and mix up very well.
Top off with your favs
If needed, you can add more almond milk to make your smoothie more liquid.
Serve cold in a glass or cup to go ;-)

Share your thoughts with a tasty photo. Remember to tag us on Instagram @your.healthyfix for a healthy kickstart to the day. Let's journey to a tasty and healthy lifestyle together!





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